Franco Pugi: A Story About Energy and Color

Franco Pugi: A Story About Energy and Color

The Italian brand Franco Pugi was founded in the 1970’s by the young and creative entrepreneur Franco Pugi. Franco began his career driven by his passion and desire to revisit the authenticity of Italian craftsmanship and expertise.

The company logo, two galloping horses, represent the successful collaboration between Franco and his wife Elena in both life and work. During the 80’s and 90’s the business grew exponentially. They achieved great recognition for its bags and accessories not only in Italy but in America and Japan as well.

Franco Pugi bags with their original designs are colorful and versatile making them attractive to women all over the world. They carry the “Made in Italy” label, as they are handmade by Italian craftsmen with great care and attention.

Born from the clever fusion of art and craft, inspired by the earthy tones of the Tuscan countryside and the use of the highest quality raw material, Franco Pugi’s handbags are a distinct Italian fashion icon. Franco Pugi prides itself in the commitment to represent the true meaning of “Made in Italy.”

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