What Makes Italian Leather Bag So Special?

What Makes Italian Leather Bag So Special?

Are you a fan of leather bags? Do you know that the Italian leather bag is the best because of it’s quality and high standard? An important fact that you should know about Italian leather bag is that the producers of Italian leather bag take almost everything into consideration from early stage until final stage of production. They pay close attention to the type of hides and skins they use and choose only the highest quality for the production process. When it comes to the leather tanning ingredients they use to treat the leather using natural plant and vegetable extracts to turn hides and skins to the end product.

Following we share eight important things that you should know about Italian leather bag.

Eight things you should know about Italian leather bag

1. It’s a high quality material

Italian leather bag is well known as the best in the fashion industry. One of the reasons why Italian leather bag is so popular is its quality. The real Italian leather is sourced, tanned, dyed and made into products totally in Italy. That is why we also call it as Made in Italy leather. Being high-end and super premium, the focus is not on mass production. The focus is totally on quality and exclusivity.

The Italian leather manufacturers inspect hides carefully before treatment, accept only the best hides, and carry out quality checks at all stages. They use the best quality natural tanning agents, dyes and finishing techniques to produce the very best leather. As tanning, dyeing and finishing work together to give leather not just durability and longevity, but personality and charm as well, this becomes a key factor in production of best quality leather. Producers in Italy use a variety of labor sources, with much of the process of leather production being done by hand.

2. Italian leather lasts a lifetime

A distinguishing factor from all the other leather in the market, it is very resilient. The genuine Italian leather is made from the best cowhides available i.e. hides from well fed, well cared for cows without injuries, scars or disease; and it is full grain i.e. from the thickest section of the cowhide that doesn’t need to be sanded and thus is super durable and withstand the everyday scratches and scrapes. On the contrary, it will acquire added sheen as time passes.

3. It’s unique and special

The vegetable extracts which are used during the processing of this leather make it superbly unique. The marks on the hides are not imperfections but they are the result of the natural tanning process and give a very distinctive look. There is never two naturally tanned items look like each other. Thus it is very special and exclusive.

4. Italian design is the classiest you can find

Consider Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Armani and Cavalli as example – those who know these brands know that they are the ultimate brands for the fashion enthusiasts. Italian leather is not only the best leather for Italian brands, but most luxury brands and designers worldwide use Italian leather to recreate their on- paper designs into products that have a high premium on the market. And when these fashion houses use Italian leather to shape their designer’s clothes, jackets, bags, shoes, wallets, belts and other products, the result is an amazing design with exclusive quality that makes them desirable objects.

Top quality raw materials and excellent design requires exquisite craftsmanship to wow the end user. That’s why the ‘Made in Italy’ tag carries much weight. Italy’s reputation as the fashion hub of the world is not new. Instead it has been gained over centuries of supplying premium handmade articles to other nations. Italian leather craftsmen created leather goods and accessories for worldwide royalty and aristocracy. This illustrious heritage continues to exist in the almost perfect craftsmanship, which employs modern technology in many steps, but ensures that every cut, stitch and accessory is redefined with precision.

5. Ease of maintenance

Italian leather ages magnificently giving it its unique look. Age does not affect the leather negatively and neither does dirt. In fact, it hardly catches dirt thereby eliminating the need to clean it regularly.

6. It’s timeless fashion

If you are a keen fan of fashion and trends, you must have seen the commands of sophisticated leather products. Italian leather will always be a fashion statement because of its unique look.

7. Italian craftsmanship: finesse incomparable

Gucci, Armani, Prada and many other top brands have their leather goods production facilities in Tuscany as their only place of choice for best quality leatherwork. They make the best quality leather goods under the watchful eyes and the painstaking precision of Tuscan leatherworkers. In fact, the quality of the work of skilled Tuscan leather craftsmen is unparalleled.

8. Made in Italy leather bags: price and worth

When we talk in terms of value for money or worth it or not, real “Made in Italy” bags are worth every penny to spend. Yes, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for Italian leather bags is really worth than those you bought from elsewhere. You should proud to have it.

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